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RZ-TM24 24 people with

The outer dimensions:W1500*D450*H1800MM     
Single-frame size

This product is mainly computer-control components, thermal printing system, a barcode reader, to provide users with small bar codes for out-of-the-box tickets by bar code print computer self-storage system。

   Recognition of credentials is printed barcode receipt
   Using thermal tube paper (w 50mm 57mm * diameter), no band
   Prevent password is peeping out of the box reads the bar code, automatically,No need       to manually enter the password, Access shortcut Voice function (optional)

      Preservation :Press "Save" button--Password paper exit out small ticket bar  code--Automatic door(Deposit items are closed door)
      Extracts :The barcode receipt of bar code with the code of ----Automatic door(Check  out items closed door )

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